About DESC

Founded in 1998 by Dr (Capt) KIRAN NAGARAJ as WEST-SIDE DENTAL CARE, post short service with the Army Dental Corps.

After submitting to various treatment methodologies in search of solutions and not satisfied with piece-meal approaches, the founder established DESC - institutionalizing a amalgamation of best principles as laid down by IDA and developed a comprehensive approach towards dental and oral rehabilitation.

Dr (Capt) Kiran Nagaraj

From Dr. Nagaraj's Desk

As the name DESC suggests - Esthetics being the philosophy that appraises beauty, art, work and Surgery - that essential operatory procedure required for certain ailments, the two key factor forms the essence of treatment at the center.

Our Endeavour is to provide high quality standard of treatment under total aseptic conditions- Hygiene standards being paramount.

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