Cosmetic Dentures

Dentures can be out of date just like anything else you wear. Because dentures wear and stain at a significantly faster rate than teeth do, if you have worn the same dentures for over 8 years, chances are they need an updated look.

We do "cosmetic makeovers" for patients with dentures everyday. They experience the same "WOW!" effect as our patients who have a full smile of veneers. No one has to know that you wear dentures with our modern technique and materials.

Over time, dentures become loose. If you need adhesives to hold your denture in, they fit poorly enough to be causing damage to your bone. New dentures do not cause damage because we know how to fit dentures better now than ever before. New materials can give us a high quality impression of your mouth ofr an impressive fit. We can also utilize implants to "attach" a denture with a SNAP rather than relying on suction to hold them in. No longer will you have the fear of them falling during a meal or speaking.

Let us update your look and confidence with a new set of cosmetic dentures !

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